I am a great slogan writer

I am not big into review posts about a product. I don’t like reading them and usually I don’t like doing them.  In fact, I have turned down a few product review offers because as a blog reader I hate them.  However, there is an exception to every rule.  I recently became a Purex Insider and I was given the opportunity to review their new Crystals Fabric Softeners.  I didn’t turn down the opportunity because I am a fabric softener junkie.

I LOVE fabric softener.  I literally will spend 20 minutes in the laundry aisle at the grocery store smelling all the different aromas.  I will stand there and compare and contrast.  I have some favorites and others that I can’t stand….*cough* Tide Bar *cough*… So when Purex offered me a chance to try out a new fabric softener I jumped, no, I leapt at the chance.

(This is my sample bottle.)
I love this stuff!!  It smells so good! When I opened the bottle I sat there smelling it for far too long and my husband started to make fun of me.  I actually did a load of laundry right then so I could take the Crystals on a test drive. 
They are worked marvelously. The clothes came out soft and they smelled so good that I jokingly told my husband that I no longer needed perfume because my shirt smelled so great….Then I started fantasizing that Purex heard my little slogan about no perfume and I suddenly was handed a large check for my creativity.  He squashed that little dream pretty fast but I survived and moved on. 
The moral of this review post is that  Purex Complete Crystals are not only new and fun but they work great and I enjoyed the smell far more than others.  I will be using this product on a regular basis and if you click one of the links that are littered through out this post you will be lead to a coupon so that you can try it out yourself.
Have fun trying it out! 

One response to “I am a great slogan writer

  • Jamie

    I am a laundry soap/fabric softner junkie too. I walk down that isle just to enjoy the smells. Will put these on my "to try" list. Have a beautiful week.

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