Grow…NOW…Seriously, I mean NOW!

I am a very demanding gardener.  I just planted my first seeds of the season in our new backyard (in my OLD pots) and I want them to start growing, yesterday.  I am used to extremely fast results in growth because of the awesome soil combo that I had in my old garden. Man, I miss that garden….

Anyways, although I know results in two weeks will not happen it doesn’t mean I’m not secretly wishing that one morning I will walk there and I suddenly will have plants!  And if my seeds don’t take off this year I have decided that I am going to blame the pots.  I have never had a garden in pots and I am a little leery.  So if it fails you will hear a lot of “Stupid Pots” remarks.

Here is what is happening now:

 New Seeds in old pots
The left orange pot has basil the wood thing has cilantro
Now for some pictures of dirt:
Yesterday I did invest in that blue container.  It will be my new compost.  I left my huge awesome one at the other house.  I was upset when leaving the house and I didn’t want to venture into the backyard for fear of getting too sad.  So I am starting over with a blue trash can and it will soon have holes for air.  The silver is my compost for the kitchen. 
I also bought myself a little treat:
Pre-grown plants!
Tomato and Strawberries!
So this is the new stage of gardening for me.  Let’s hope it works and those stupid pots don’t screw it up!

3 responses to “Grow…NOW…Seriously, I mean NOW!

  • Jamie

    I do almost all of my herbs in pots. I like being able to contain where they spread. I have also grown, lettuce, tomatoes, and peppers in a pot with success. Hope it all works out well for you!

  • Broot

    I always blame the little white butterflies, the neighbourhood cats, the lack of rain, and being too busy when my plants don't grow or don't do so well. They're poor excuses. Where I live, EVERYTHING grows like a weed. Nearly impossible to kill things. I manage it anyways! 🙂 Good luck with your seeds! (Stopping by from SITS!)

  • Rachel @ Mothering Blindfolded

    I know how you feel! I just planted my first garden, and even though it has only been a week, I am so antsy for those seeds to sprout!

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