Nutella for breakfast?! Yes, Please!

I’m here!  I’m back! I’m tired and I am sorry for not posting sooner!  Spring Break has hit this house like a tornado and although I have loved every minute of it, I have let a lot slide…including my blog.

First things first…I put out a teaser on Facebook about Nutella and that is what we are going to be discussing today.


Definition: A sinfully wonderfully chocolatey substance that causes an individual to sit on the couch and eat it directly from the jar.

This month, MommyParties and Nutella, were kind enough to send me a big box of goodies for my friends and I to review.  I was absolutely thrilled because I adore Nutella and I have loved it ever since my evil high school French teacher made us crepes in efforts to bring France to us.  Although her intentions were nice I never cared about France but I really loved those warm chocolate crepes…mmmmm…..

Nutella is the perfect chocolate treat.  It does not contain any of the hydrogenated oils that are so common in most snack foods today and instead it uses Palm oil that not only adds to the spreadable consistency but helps in reducing the level of saturated fat!  Perfect!  I love it when I can eat something that seems like it should be extremely bad for me but it isn’t!

Now, Nutella can be used in a variety of different way other than eating from the jar.  Spread it on whole wheat toast and top with strawberries and suddenly it has become breakfast or a quick snack.  In fact, that is exactly how I introduced it to my boys and it became Chocolate toast.  They ask for it constantly! Different recipes include the Evil French Teacher Warm Crepes with Nutella folded inside, a whole wheat waffle with Nutella, or a baguette with a quick schmear of Nutella.  (I did the last option for my Nutella party)

It is time for you to try the awesomeness (yes, that is now a word) that IS Nutella.   I was sent goodies bags for each of my guests and I decided that if I was going to do another review on my blog that you were going to be included as a guest.  I have a goodie bag ready to go!

In the bag is a coffee tumbler, spreader , a coupon and some great Nutella  recipes.  If you would like to win this bag of treats all you need to do is become a follower and leave a comment.  That is it!  Pretty easy! I will chose a winner on April 2 around 7pm (Pacific time).


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