Quick, Easy Smoothie

We are fighting an ugly cold in this house.  My husband brought it home from work last week and I managed, in my “No WAY are we getting sick on the birthday weekend” madness, to keep us all from getting ill….or so I thought.  The youngest was struck down Sunday morning.  Yes, STRUCK DOWN.  This drippy, blotchy, coughy, clammy little munchkin has been in a horizontal position for over 24 hours.  It’s bad. In fact, earlier today I could of sworn I saw a representative from the Department of Health and Human Services drive by to get the address of the house that needs to be quarantined.

Anyways, I asked on my Facebook Fan page  for more homeopathic remidies to feed my kiddo and myself (just in case) and a good friend recommend some plain yogurt.  I took the plain yogurt idea and ran.  Well, not really RAN, because running with yogurt is never a good idea.  I used my plain yogurt for the good of the many!  I made smoothies for the family!!

Healthy smoothie that is also good for the HCG weight loss diet plan
The ingredients
Fresh blackberries
Frozen strawberries
Plain yogurt 
water (to thin it out)
I just blended them all together until the taste was what I was looking for! After the smoothie was finished I added Echinacea extract for an added punch for the immune system.
Here is another bonus with this smoothie. It is good for us HCG dieters.  You can actually have all these ingredients on the maintenance program.  Boo YA!  

Here is my smoothie!
Healthy smoothie that is also good for the HCG weight loss diet plan 
Notice the straw?!  I believe that no matter what age you are that a crazy straw should always be included in some part of your drinking repertoire. 
Hopefully, the amount of vitamins I have crammed down everyone’s throat in the last couple of days will keep us all safe from the cold.  If not, watch the evening news for a picture my house and a giant quarantine tape wrapped around it.


One response to “Quick, Easy Smoothie

  • Jewel

    I love the idea, especially the crazy straw. The only thing is, they are difficult to keep clean especially when you have drunk something like a smoothy. Still, it all helps you feel better. Hope you're well again soon.

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