Crazy Hockey fans make the game better and the Nutella winner!

I know I am late posting the winner for the Nutella giveaway but I was extremely tired last night and crashed on the couch around 9:30.  But I am here now I have much to share with you!

The reasoning behind my extreme exhaustion last night is two fold.  Friday night my family and I were given tickets to attend the Coyotes Hockey game!  It was pretty fantastic.  The seats were great and the boys loved the entire experience.  

One of the best parts about our seats were the intense fans that were seated just a little further down from us.  Now, I thought these kind of men were only at football games.  Ya know what I mean, that big guy that paints his face and stomach and is shirtless in -20 degree weather.

Crazy Hockey Fans

These guys were great!  They got the entire stadium going, the mascot loved them, and they had this funny little motion whenever the opposite team was sent to the penalty box. I was waiting for them to take off their shirts and show their “team spirit” with the words  GO  COY  OTES  painted on their stomachs. It never happened but they still put on a great show!
(I must add that my husband was mortified that I took their picture, REPEATEDLY.  Blonde lady’s (the one right in front)  hair kept obstructing my view and I had to retake the picture.  Then when my zoom didn’t work and the flash went off instead the jig was up and I got the stank eye from Blondie.)

The second reason behind the exhaustion is that yesterday morning my son had an EARLY baseball game and even though we all got home and in bed around 12, we were up and at ’em at 6:45am!  And those of you that have little ones KNOW that kiddos that go to bed at 12am are not in the best of spirits the next day.  It was a looooonnngggg day for us.

So the winner of the Nutella giveaway is  
Thanks for playing one and all! 

Now get this, I have a COUPLE of giveaways coming up.  My giveaways come in waves apparently.  So keep a look out. I will definitely remember to put it in the title so when you are browsing blog titles you will know what is going on over here!

PLEASE DON’T FORGET – MOMS NITE OUT is happening on May 5th!  If you are in the area PLEASE come by.  If you are a business and would like to donate a door prize for some added publicity just contact me for details.


5 responses to “Crazy Hockey fans make the game better and the Nutella winner!

  • rita jean

    Hockey game sounds like it was fun!!! Gotta love those die-hard fans! 🙂

  • Keri

    Hello Morgan. You made me laugh out loud .. yes LOL.. with your last comment. Thanks for your loyal support. You're a doll..Hockey? Not my bag. Wait, do they sell sandwiches at Hockey games? I really don't know the answer to that. lolsounds like lots of fun none the less. Congrats to your contest winner. Sorry I missed participating .. Maybe next time. Take care, Keri

  • Jamie

    My son is an avid hockey fan and the rest of us were slow to get on board, but it has become a family favorite now.I love watching all the crazy people at the games. There is this one guy who always sits behind the other teams penaltiy box. When someone has to go there, the camera angle makes it look like he is hitting them in the back of the head. Cracks us up every time.

  • Morgan

    Keri! I am so glad I made you laugh! I love it when I am able to do that!Jamie – I believe Hockey is becoming the new addiction for my six year old! AH!

  • Sam @ The Junk House

    I.LOVE.HOCKEY. And the crazy people at the games! After reading this post I'm ready to go to another game.Thanks for stopping by and following from UBP! It's always exciting to find another AZ blogger!

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