Do these shoes make my butt look big

Hot Pink Chuck Taylor Converse shoes that look great

“Do these shoes make my butt look big?”  I asked this very serious question to my husband in the shoe store.  I was standing in front of a full length mirror admiring my bright new “kicks” and it suddenly occurred to me that this sneakers have no lift to them.  None.  They are flat.   I am short.  Flat + Short = Fat. 

My husband looked at me, looked at the sales person, and back to me and safely answered “….um…No….”   Good answer husband, Good Answer.

In my mind the reasoning behind the question was completely justifiable.  I have been taught that because I am so short that I should always purchase shoes with a lift or heel.  Well, I don’t wear heels (I am the flip flop queen), and platform sneakers are tragically out and so shorties like me are out of luck.   I also have one fashion rule that I follow to the letter.  Just because it fits doesn’t mean you should wear it.

That rule actually caused me to pause before I bought my Hot Pink Awesomeness.  Are these shoes too young for me?  I am turning 30 in 37 days.  Does this mean I am too old for hot pink?  Is my 30-ness going to be apparent?  Does it look like I am trying to be younger? Are the other moms at my son’s school going to judge me by my shoes?

I rapidly spurted out these questions to my husband as we drove to the shoe store and during his stunned silence I mulled over my issues.  I came up with my answers. No, I don’t believe I am breaking my own rule.  These shoes are great.  They add a little flair to my otherwise fairly muted wardrobe of jeans and dark t-shirts AND they exemplify my attitude of life. (Shoes can do that in case you didn’t know.)  And if my son’s reaction to my shoes, “Mom, those are so cool.” is any reflection of school life then the other moms will probably give me a weird look and all the kids will love them.  That works for me.

So with a quick glance to my shoes you will learn that I am weird, kicked back, motivated, and probably a little nutty.

Yes, that is what my shoes say about me and if you don’t believe them, just ask my tattoos.


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