There is a Monkey on your chest

It’s review day here at Becoming Homegrown and today I am going to be speaking about t-shirts and laundry detergent.  Yes, that is right everyone, hang on to your hats, it is that exciting!

In the past couple months I have received a few opportunities to review items and I apparently forgot that I actually signed up for some.  I was reminded of this fact when I received the shirt from TShirt in the mail a few weeks ago!  What a nice surprise! A free shirt, to review….

Tshirt Printing is an online store that is located in the United Kingdom and they specialize in….Printed T-Shirts!  Amazing!  Tshirt creates fun shirts that are readily available for purchase (as the one seen below) or they can create a personalized variety. Ya know, in case you want a bulk amount for your family reunion,  graduation, bar mitzvah, etc.  I think you get the idea.

When I received my t-shirt and I opened the package, I instantly remembered why I jumped into another review.  There was a monkey’s face involved.

Funny tshirt printing by

Is this the color I was expecting?! No. I was expecting the gray one that was posted however who am I to sneer at a free monkey shirt that no one else has?!  I instantly put it on and my husband told me that I really could light up a room and even though I agreed with him, I was not too disappointed!  It actually fit fairly well. I usually choose fitted shirts and this regular t-shirt did not swallow me whole.  I did not look like a beached whale.

Now, I did wash it with my Purex Complete with Zout before really wearing it around and to test out it’s “Pre-shrunk” claim.  Did the Purex do a great job?  Yes. Is Purex awesome in every way possible? Yes.  Did the shirt shrink? A little.  It was a little tighter but not a gigantic difference.

The color remained in tacked after the washing.  I was actually hoping it would dull out a bit but alas that monkey and it’s BRIGHT blue background stayed solid. It is still bright after two more washes.  You can see me from outer space if I went outside.

Now, in all honesty the t-shirt is pretty good.  Will I wear this shirt out?  Probably not.  It is too bright. The shirt itself is good quality, it has not shrunk again and the coloring does NOT fade.  If I needed to create a my own shirt, maybe with BECOMING HOMEGROWN stamped across the front, I would probably head their way.

So my rating from 1-10 (10 being the best) probably around an 8.  Will I be returning to Tshirt site?  Maybe. I am really starting to like that Becoming Homegrown t-shirt idea.  Who wants one?!


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