Easter in loser-ville

I did not blog about Easter this year.  I didn’t really feel the need.  I didn’t do anything super crafty or amazing.  We were very simple this year and kept our celebrations small and “intimate” and when I say intimate that is code for “we are losers and weren’t invited to anything.”   Now don’t feel too bad, that is if you do, we actually had a nice weekend in our loser-ville.  
I made Mint Extract
homemade mint extract
Which really looks more like urine…in a jar….with leaves…. 
Eh, we will see what happens in four weeks.
We also dyed some eggs and had a little Easter egg hunt for our children at home
Dyed Easter Eggs made at home
Then we ate them.
And we celebrated the reason of the day with breakfast at sunrise and scripture reading.
Bible reading on Easter with the children and family
It was during our little sunrise breakfast that I took note of how very blessed I am. My two wonderful boys sat there listening to every word I read and even had the ability to quote a passage without my help. 
 No party or store bought thing can recreate that moment.  
Loser-ville is A-Okay in my book.

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