Was it worth it?

“Was it worth it?” was the first question out of my husband’s mouth as I laid down in bed after a long night.  I looked over, “Was what worth it?”.  He yawned and explained “Your night, the planning, all the work.  Was Mom’s Night Out worth all the effort?”.   I laughed and responded with a one word answer “Yup.”

It was.  It truly was.  When Wendy from Choosing Love first approached me with the idea of hosting National Mom’s Nite Out in Arizona I signed up but didn’t understand what I was getting involved in.  In fact, I am not sure Wendy did either.  I had no idea that the entire process would take months of planning, require cold calls to local business for support, late night emails, late night phone calls, weekly meetings at Starbucks strategizing our next move,and all in the effort of providing an evening for moms that would be memorable.

However, as I look back, all this “work” wasn’t really “work.” We had a great time planning and organizing.  We had a wonderful time sharing in each others successes.  We had the best time hosting and being able to share in the excitment of the evening.  But the best part of this entire experience, I found a wonderful, deep and meaningful friendship, not only for me but our families as well.

So, now that all has calmed down, we are gearing up to jump right back in.  We are have decided to make Mom’s Nite Out a regular thing.  We are making lists, late night emails are starting again, and I see a trip to Starbucks in my future.  Here we go!


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