May: The Month of Morgan

The month of May is an important month to me.  It is actually one of my favorites next to November and December although it is not for the same reasons, i.e. friends, family, giving, love etc.  Nope, I enjoy May for purely selfish reasons, Mothers Day and MY BIRTHDAY!  
That is right.  My birthday is rapidly approaching.  The 21st to be exact.  Go mark it on your calendars…..I’ll wait……Are you marking?!
Now are you wondering how old I am going to be? Are you checking my profile picture on the left and trying to judge if you are older or younger?  Don’t worry, I would be doing that if you were announcing your birthday.  No need to estimate, I will tell you.  I am turning 30! 
I am leaving behind my twenties and I am soaring into my thirties.  I am actually looking forward to turning 30.  I wasn’t very good at the early twenties. I made many mistakes, which included a lot bad boyfriends, and I felt as if I was trying to figure out my way through life with a blindfold on.  It wasn’t until I entered into my late twenties that things started to make more sense and I actually felt as I could get a handle on things. So this Thirty thing is looking pretty good and I am really excited!
In fact, I am so excited about this upcoming mile marker of a birthday, that I have been spewing birthday self-importance all over my friends.  Seriously, it’s bad.   I even made a picture to help you conceptualize this fact.

>Turning 30

  (Notice my hot pink feet and yes, we are all that skinny)
I can’t help myself!  It is sickening! I love birthdays and this one is a biggie!  My husband and I have even renamed this month as: May, the month of Morgan.  Even as I write this I am contemplating researching the possibility of making this a National holiday.  I mean if there is National Donut Day, National Eat a Pig Day, then May 21st could become National Morgan Day.  I can see the free email cards now…..
Can I get any more self-centered?!  Probably, but I will spare you from it and I will just heap it onto my husband and any remaining friends…….Hello?……Friends?…..Are you still there?…….HEEELLLLLOOOOO…….Hmm, silence.   I bet they are out getting me a birthday present.

4 responses to “May: The Month of Morgan

  • Scarlet

    Wait a second here… May is my month AND for the same reasons!! šŸ™‚ My birthday is on the 31st and is actually observed every 6 to 7 years depending on the Leap year! That's because it coincides with Memorial Day! šŸ™‚ I always thought May was the Month of Scarlet. šŸ™‚ I guess we could share it! šŸ™‚

  • Carmen

    I so needed to read something that made me smile and this did the trick. I'm also turning 30 this year and unlike most people I'm excited because I know that over the years I have become a much betther person, have accomplish more than I ever thought possible and I appreciate everything and everyone much more because of all my experiences throughout my life. So for me I know life is only going to get better. P.S my birthday is in July more precisely the day before independce day here in the U.S and I first came here and didn't know the real importance of 4 of July and I thought all the celebration had to do with my birthday hahaha…. silly me :)> but hey I was twelve going on thirdteen I had my own little world. You seem like a real nice, fun person; I hope to meet you one day.

  • Choosing Love

    Isn't 30 purty? Cannot believe you did not want to wear the shirt I was going to make for you. LOL!

  • Lindsay

    Visiting from SITs. Happy 30th in 10 more days! I always get a little over zealous when it comes to my bday, so you aren't the only one. Especially at such a milestone!

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