Lionel Richie is on the corded phone

Earlier this week my kids and I made a trip to Wal-Mart.  Our house phones were officially dead and it was time to move on.  Little did I know, when purchasing these phones, that I would become painfully aware of how old I am AND that Lionel Richie is an active part of my pysche.

I chose two different types of phones.  A cordless and corded phone.  My reasoning was twofold; it was cheaper and we could no longer live as slaves to the rechargeable battery.  The corded phone provided me with the knowledge that I would be able to use house line without the fear of it dying.  As I was hooking up the phones and basking in my smug “I’m so smart” glory, that I glanced over and saw my six year old staring at the corded phone.  I thought nothing of it until about five minutes later when I used the phone to call my friend and saw my son staring at me with his mouth open.  Then it hit me. Like a truck.  He had NEVER seen a corded phone or at least had never really seen one being used!

What?! Are you kidding?!  My wireless child has just made me feel outdated and uncool!  Me, uncool!! The woman that wears Hot Pink Sneakers! I’m cool! Your six!

It is because of these issues that this phone has become very dear to me. It is a symbol of my age and a reminder of my youth.  It’s a moving experience and now for some reason every time I look at the phone I hear Lionel Richie singing….

hello lionel richie

Is it me your looking for?

hello lionel richie on the phone 

‘Cause I wonder where you are
And I wonder what you do
Hello Lionel Richie
.…Tell me how to win your heart 
For I haven’t got a clue 
But let me start by saying I love you

Hello Lionel Richie 
Cordy (I named him) and I already have a deep and meaningful relationship.  We have bonded through time and Lionel Richie.  I would love to go on and on about my unending passion for Cordy however the phone is ringing and I now have to get up and WALK to the kitchen. 
Where is that stupid cordless phone…..
Hey!  Maybe it’s Lionel Richie!

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