The pregnant pose

Have you ever seen a picture of yourself and wondered what the heck happened?  Especially a photo taken of you on an evening in which you actually looked good.   This has happened to me.  Recently.  I am not pleased with myself.

When you Google celebrity poses or even just give in to your guilty pleasure of you will notice a lot of celebrities with signature hand on hip and turn at angle pose.  Many are doing the seductive, I am going to turn away from you but look back over shoulder so I know you are taking a picture of my perfect butt pose, which seems very popular.  And finally the other pose I see frequently is a modification of the first, hand on hip, turn and cross legs.  These are all very good and something I can NEVER remember to do.

No, I always do poses like this:

Two Thumbs Up

Yup.  That is my signature pose.  Two thumbs up and tilted head.  It really screams “I’m a pro” doesn’t it?

Imagine my horror when I realized that there was a picture circulating that did not feature my go to “pro” pose.

Pregnant photo pose

AH! What is that?! I am standing up straight and holding my stomach! I look pregnant!  What in the world?!  The best part is NO one has ever notified me of this fact.  I have tons of pictures of the pregnant pose!  There is no baby in there!
So, I have decided that if I ever find a picture of me that has the pregnant pose I am going to modify it….

photography pose

No one will ever notice………

If you would like to see more of the real pictures that Wendy from Sunflowers Photography took, please click on the link.


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