DaGeDar – The new super toy

Six years ago we were blessed with our first little boy and the idea of princesses, pink, and Barbies started to disappear.  When our second son arrived I tossed every concept of girly things out the window and have never looked back.  Truth be told I never wanted to have any girls. I wanted boys and all that comes with them; dirt, wrestling, sports, video games, and toys. So in my efforts as a boys mom I am always looking for opportunities to find exciting new toys or experiences.  Imagine my excitement when I was asked to review a brand new toy for boys before it had been release on the market!

DaGeDar (pronounced Da-Ge-Dar) is the new ultimate toy for boys.  This toy set is comprised of superchared balls, each with a different design, and side by side race tracks for the balls to zoom through in efforts or beating the other to the finish line.  In all honesty when the box arrived I actually estimated a playtime of about 20 minutes and my boys would be bored. In my opinion the concept of dueling racetracks seemed mundane and uninventive.  The supercharged balls did look neat and had potential but I seriously doubted that together the two would make any type of entertainment.  I was wrong, very wrong.

These toys have provided hours of REAL entertainment.  The old fashion kind of entertainment that requires imagination and batteries are not included.  These supercharged balls have not only raced down the race tracks but they have raced through dinosaur towns, Lego worlds and even have taken down the “evil bad guy” in efforts to save the world.  It is not only the imaginative play that grabs their attention.  The tracks are simple enough for a six year old to take apart and reassemble without the help of an adult and this allows for endless opportunities to create new tracks and new races.

Setting up the DaGeDar race track is easy for kid
DaGeDar tracks are easy to construct and make different race tracks for different races

A portion of our house is now dedicated to the DaGeDar Jump track, various power launchers, carrying cases and supercharged balls.  At all times during the day I can never be sure of when an alien ball will come zooming through the living room trying to win the race of the day.  Giggles always ensue….especially when I am the target.

DaGeDar jump track and launchers

DaGeDar ball launchers and carrying cases

My favorite aspect of the entire DaGeDar line are the balls.  There are over 200 varieties and they all are fun to look at.  The boys love that each of them have their own set and favorites so they don’t really have to share.  In addition, each ball has a trading card with a matching ball. My son was just introduced to the trading card phenomenon and is fascinated.  He is now determined to collect all the balls and their matching cards.

DaGeDar has over 200 ball designs

Each DaGeDar ball comes with a matching trading card

The balls also come with a carrying case.  Each carrying case can hold up to three balls and is easily attached to a belt loop.  However I am going to forewarn you right here, if the case is not strategically placed on a belt loop to the side it WILL look like something else…….

Correct placement
DaGeDar carrying case must have strategic placement

Incorrect placement

DaGeDar carrying case must have strategic placement
He is completely oblivious which is great!   I can’t help myself and take a million pictures to have a little laugh later!  Either way this product is wonderful

Take an moment and watch the commercial to get a better idea

Now, this last weekend we were invited to celebrate the release of DaGeDar toys to the general public. We were hosted at K1 Speed Indoor Kart Racing and it was a great time even though I had my butt handed to me on the track AND I was yelled at by the racing gestapo for bumping into the walls too hard.  I was in the zone and I was really trying to keep up on the track!! Either way it was a wonderful opportunity. 

These toys are huge hit in our family! They are not only fun but extremely affordable. I encourage everyone to give them a shot!


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