I dabble in Organic snottiness

Rotten Organic Strawberries

I typically watch what my kids eat. I try to avoid anything processed with ingredients that I can’t pronounce or that were concocted in some lab in the Czech Republic. (Actually, I don’t know if there are labs in the Czech Republic but I have vivid imagination.) I usually buy produce from a local co-op and I occasionally wear my “I’m more organic than you” face when walking through the grocery store. That’s right, I dabble in organic snottiness.

This morning I had a little bit of cold reality splashed onto my organic pride face. I recently bought MANY cases of strawberries because they were a good price and we typically plow right through them. However this week has been somewhat crazy and we only polished off three leaving the fourth to linger in the fridge for an obscene amount of time.

I am surprised the strawberries didn’t sprout legs and walk themselves to the trash can saying: “Lady,this is just sad. At least throw us in that compost bin you brag about…..Oh wait, you never got around to making it.”

Imagine my horror this morning when this conversation began with my almost four year old:

Super Organic Mom (getting ready in the bathroom): Hey Buddy?! What are you doing?!
Four year old: “Nothing. Having a snack.”
Super Organic Mom: “Oh good! I am glad you got your own snack! What are you munching on?”
Four year old: “Berries.”
**Stunned Silence**
Super Organic Mom: “The berries in the fridge?!”
Four year old: “Mmmhmm” Mouth full of strawberries.

I ran out to find my precious little boy happily munching away on a case of squishy discolored strawberries!

Rotten Organic Strawberries

(I circled just a few of the bad spots.)

Hmmm….maybe it is time to check my Organic pride to the side and pull out the Ritz crackers. They claim to be located in Northfield, IL. That’s in America.


6 responses to “I dabble in Organic snottiness

  • Carmen

    Haha this was a fun read…don't be to hard on yourself I'm sure they tasted ok otherwise he probably wouldn't have eaten them. Your house sounds so much like mine. My kids help themselves to snacks all the time and sometimes not what I would want them to eat but there are days when I'm just happy they ate something.

  • Mrs. Zwieg

    LOVE this! So cute! šŸ™‚

  • Rebecca

    I think it just tastes better (at least in the case of produce)! šŸ™‚ We do a mix of both too. It is true what they say, (most) things in moderation are fine.

  • Kelly

    I dabble in organic snotiness too…so funny. There is an "air" ( especially in Whole Foods)…like "why yes I paid 15.00 for these frozen nuggets but I am saving a rainforest and making sure free trade in South America is alive and well"

  • Morgan

    Right on Kelly! I will join you in your rainforest saving free trade nuggets! Let's be snotty together!

  • Joy

    He he he heAt least there were no green spots (that I could see) — how's the kid doing today? ;o)

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