The day of chocolate

There are days when I massively crave chocolate.  Sometimes the craving is so extreme that my husband has been known to run to the store to get me a sweet treat.  Today was a chocolate day and the husband was no where to be seen and I had to impervise.

I made homemade chocolate covered pretzels.
Homemade Chocolate Covered Pretzels

These are quite possibly the easiest treat to make.  I purchased my first Chocolate Almond Bark a few weeks ago and put it to use today.  (It took me months to get over the fact that Almond Bark does not taste of Almonds)  The recipe is really simple.  Melt the Almond Bark in the microwave for 90 seconds, dip your pretzels in and then place them on wax paper.  Done.  Seriously, that’s it. 

If you notice, I did go a little crazy. I melted some white chocolate chips and drizzled it on top.  They are now gourmet chocolate covered pretzels.   

Here is another chocolate treat that I posted some time ago but it didn’t get the attention it truly deserved.


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