The Vasectomy that never was

It started out as a regular day.  The errands had been run, the children picked up and lunches were made.  Everyone was a little wound up because of the pending arrival of friends  Things were moving.  Productivity was in our future.  The only thing I had left on the list was my husbands doctors appointment.

Now, before I continue, I will take a moment to explain the delicate nature of the appointment.  We have been blessed with two wonderful little boys. They are perfect gifts from God and we can’t imagine being any happier.  That being said, my husband was trekking off to the Urologist for a Vasectomy.

As he was leaving I gave him a small peck and with a wink sent him off to his doom.  I didn’t give it a second thought.  He headed out the door and my friend and I set to work.  It was approximately an hour and a half later that the Lionel (aka the house phone) rang.  The ring was ominous. I slowly got up from my seat and joked that it was the Urologist calling to tell me my husband passed out.

It was.

They called.

He passed out.


The sweet, polite, and nervous nurse was calling to let me know that not only did my hunk of steal of a husband pass out at the check out station but that he was still out. It was creeping up to 15 minutes .  I looked at my friend and in my shock yelled out “It’s the Urologist!!! He PASSED OUT!”  Her response; extremely loud laughter. 

I confess. I laughed just as much.  This is a situation that is typically found in a sitcom.  It was not supposed to be reality!  I never imagined that I would be faced with packing up everyone in the car to go and get my ailing husband from his Vasectomy consult.  It was surreal at best.

As we chuckled all the way to doctor’s office I was not prepared for the amount of pain that was actually in my husband’s eyes.  What they didn’t explain on the phone was the extent of his fall.  He fell extremely hard on his back and hit his head on a metal door frame.  By the time I got to the doctor’s office and saw him in the waiting room I could see the pain and embarrassment.

The day only got worse and it quickly became night. My husband’s pain turned into a severe migraine and we had to take him to the hospital to rule out a concussion.  He was in the fetal position for the entire visit and still doesn’t remember exactly what happened.  After dozens of Xrays and EKGs, we were sent home with a clear bill of health.  In fact, I was the one sent home with the prescription. I was never allowed to let him go to another doctors appointment alone.

These last few weeks have been a little tedious.  He still is dealing with back pain caused by the fall and the headaches are intermittent. However, as he slowly recovers I have been given the opportunity to support him both physically and mentally.  It is through this role that I have learned a new and lasting lesson about my marriage. My husband needs and wants me to be there in the situations that he can’t handle.  I have always depended on him to such an extent and I never stopped to realized that he depends on me the same amount only different areas.  We are a team.  We support, help, and compliment one another.  We are the perfect fit.  It has been an amazing opportunity to take the time and strengthen our marriage.  No matter the level of embarrassment.


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