When is summer over?!

I hate the summer.

Its hot

Its always sunny

I live in the land of heat

There is no grass that grows here naturally

Its mutant grass

Summer stinks when you are on a budget

No beach

No Mickey Mouse

No heading out of town to escape the norm

Lazy, crazy, hazy dayz of summer is not my idea of a good time

You can’t really cook anything in the house because it will get too warm inside

We are trapped inside so our skin does melt off in 120 degree heat

I have green envy….

Not envy for money

Envy for trees

Envy for water

Maybe it isn’t green Envy. It’s East Coast envy.

We could do crafts

Alot of crafts

But too many crafts is bad for your health

I shouldn’t be complaining

It could be worse

I could be living a life without Air Conditioning.

And without the internet.

That would be a true nightmare.

I will deal. 

It’s June 28

Only 94 days until October


4 responses to “When is summer over?!

  • Carmen

    Oh my gosh what?!?!?!I didn't know too many crafts were bad for your health…. maybe that's what is wrong with me. So if I stop doing crafts can I eat whatever I want, when ever I want in the quantities I want. Oh and I too have green envy I want green grass in my back yard, a greens forest nearby that we can go take hike in the afternoon without risking dehidration and the beach would be perfect.Is that to much to ask?

  • Sam @ The Junk House

    Agreed! I'm so over the heat and it's just beginning…Stupid Phoenix summers!

  • Monica @ In The Whisper

    I have been feeling the exact same way, and soo guilty about it! Thanks for the rant; it helped assuage my guilt. :)I don't know how tight the budget is, but the pool down the road lets visitors come for $3/person. Maybe there's something similar close to you? Another popular water thing in Memphis is the water parks: massive parks with all kinds of sprinklers and geysers for the kids to run through.Good luck!

  • Morgan - The author here!

    Ya for fellow summer haters! We need to stick together at times like these!

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