HCG diet and my weigh ins

I am dieting again.  Never an easy or enjoyable task and as promised on my Facebook page I will be blogging the results.  It helps you guys learn about the diet AND it keeps me accountable.  A two birds with one stone thing….

If you were around in January you may remember that I participated in the HCG diet with fantastic results.  I lost 13 pounds and kept most of them off!  I was 137 at the end date of the last round and during these last few months I fluctuated in a five pound range. Not too shabby.

I am now participating in my second round of the HCG diet.  Here was my first weigh in:

Results of HCG diet

Yup this was right after my vacation so I was up a bit but not as much as I will be after my two day food overload.  I am also going to take this moment to blame my vacation for the chipped off toe nail polish.

Following my two days of consuming massive amounts of food I gained a whooping three pounds! UGH. I was silently saying to myself “The miracle of HCG had better kick in because this is ridiculous.”

The results of one day on the 500 cal. Phase 2 diet were a success!

139.6 and would you check out my nail polish now….Blame the vacation. Anyways I dropped those five bad boys.

Now to all the nay-sayers out there, I know you don’t approve and I know what you are thinking so here is my response……I’m fine and I am not passing judgement on you so don’t start with me.

I am currently further along than these pictures but I am late in blogging the results so I will blog more tomorrow.  Too many feet shots are not healthy for anyone.


3 responses to “HCG diet and my weigh ins

  • Merry Lynn

    are you doing the injections or drops? Are you doing it through a clinic, online vendor or a local doctor? I bought the GNC drops prior to a vacation and the timing has not been right to get started as I know you have to follow a strict diet. I think come september when both my kids are in school I will go for it.

    • becominghomegrown

      I am doing this through a local “vendor.” If you click on the HCG diet link in the blog it will take you to there sites. I am also doing the drops and I too had to wait because schedule wise/meal planning the diet would be too hard to complete.

  • Chris Pace

    I agree 100% about blogging as you diet. It was a powerful tool for me when I lost 80 lbs last year. As long as your balance of nutrients remains in check you are doing it all right. I don’t know much about hcg diet but if you are consistent in your approach and balance it will all work for ya! Good luck 🙂

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