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No one ever informed me of THE CODE.  The phrases that you said to your spouse or children that you think are fairly straight forward but actually they mean something completely different.

Let me enlighten you on a few key code phrases:

What I am saying: Ok- I am going to change now.
Code: Ok- This is the perfect opportunity for you to slam open the door while I am standing in my underwear

What I am saying: I am jumping in the shower (this actually has multiple code phrases)
Code:  I am jumping in the shower so feel free to hunt for those cookies that I have hidden on the top shelf             
I am jumping in the shower so please rip back the shower curtain to inform me that you need your pants buttoned
I am jumping in the shower so now is the perfect opportunity for YOU to go potty and scream for me to “come and wipe your butt.”

What I am saying: Don’t touch your brother anymore!
Code:  Instead of touching your brother you should put your face right next to his so he will retaliate with a swift blow to your head.  All ending with tears

What I am saying: Get in the shower and wash your hair.
Code: Whine and complain all the way to the shower and then do a light dusting with the water until I come in and demand to smell you hair for the lingering scent of soap. Lather, Rinse, Repeat

What I am saying: Please remember to flush the toilet boys.
Code: If it is yellow, let it mellow. If it’s brown, flush it down….unless you forget

What I am saying:  Honey, will you please kill that cricket?
Code: If I wait long enough she will do it and remember that I hate all bugs.

If I had known some of the key phrasing I would have changed the way I spoke. But I never knew this super secret code that other moms knew but I do now. Oh boy, do I know.

Now I am off to kill the damn cricket in that bathtub.


Defiants 4×4 Trucks – Playtime is on!

I had been expecting them for days.  I rushed to the window every time I heard the sound of any type of delivery van drive by. I was that obnoxious person peaking out the shades every 20 minutes to see if my package had arrived.  Finally, my impatience paid off.  It arrived with great fanfare.  Two enormous boxes were dropped off at my front door.  They had arrived.

Defiants 4x4 Toy Trucks are the ultimate toy trucks for boys

With two boys hovering closely, we opened the boxes and I began to hear the first of many “cools” and “awesomes” being whispered in disbelief. Rough and Tough trucks that came with their own tracks?! It was more than they could hardly stand.

Defiant 4x4 Toy Trucks are the ultimate toy trucks for boys

We unpacked the boxes and began to set up the tracks for the race of a lifetime. However as my husband and I began to notice, these tracks do not really need an adult to put it together. My six year old had taken control and was creating his own path for the trucks. We stood back and watched his imagination take control.

Defiants 4x4 Toy Trucks and Tracks are the ultimate toy for boys preschool and up

By the end of the build he constructed a track that provided for hours of entertainment including a monster truck rally, race to the “dinosaur dig” and a timed lapped. The path is rough and full of “obstacles” such as fallen trees that enabled both boys to imagine to explorers trying to get out of the jungle and back to the “good guys.”

Defiants 4x4 Toy Trucks tracks are full of obstacles that allow for imaginative play

By the end of the day the Defiants had become one of the new favorites in our house. The tracks and trucks have earned their place amongst the infamous tracks of the living room.

Defiants Trucks are the ultimate toys for boys ages preschool and up

Defiants 4×4 Trucks are the classic boy toy and although small are definitely a force to be reckoned with.
All toys are available at : ToysRus , Wal-mart, Target, Kmart, and Amazon

Save cost on travel. Ship the children

Traveling with kids can be expensive.  Depending on their age you have to either buy them their own seat on the plane or make sure there is plenty of room in the car. I am not even going to go into the food and entertainment costs for those guys.  So, in response to the outrages costs of food and travel, I have devised an ingenious plan to save parents money……

Ship ’em
Cut the cost of travel and ship your children

There are few things that you need to do before placing your children in a box.
Air Holes
Properly placed labels to insure proper placement of the box
As you can see I have: This End Up and Live Children

It may be a bit snug:
A box provides hours of fun for kids
But they will enjoy the quality bonding time.

Before setting them off make sure you get the A-OKAY!
A box can make great games for children

One last peek!
A box makes for great games for kids

Off they go!
A box is easy fun for kids

I hope this was informative and encouraging.  Travel can be cheap if you know how to do it!

Fine print:  I do not ship my children.  This is completely a joke.  If you are reading this  as a serious post than I suggest you find some type of therapy.

March – The month that just keeps on giving.

This month has probably been one of the craziest months of my life.   I typically look forward to March because there is always something to do outside, local fairs, farmers markets, gardening, sports etc.  Well this year I was really excited because not only were we planning a birthday party for my son but baseball season began for him AND spring break hit!  Boo ya!  These were all the makings of a great month!

March Began:

The first major event that happens in March (the first weekend), my sons splits his head WIDE open on the coffee table! I don’t know if you have ever HEARD the sound of someone, or even YOUR child, cracking their head open, but it is blood curdling.  As a mom, you suck it up, put your hand on the wound to stop the bleeding until you can find a towel and calm your crying baby down….Can you invision my night?!  Thank heavens that close friends arrived to drop off their boys for a sleepover.  They helped my husband and I get a hold of the situation and rush to the ER.

10 sutures near the eye

4 hours and 10 stitches later we made it home from the ER.  The only bonus of this bloody weekend, was that fact that is was our first official friends sleepover.  My fantastic husband watched all the boys that slept over while we spent the evening at the ER.  The next morning it was all about cheerios and video games.

The following two weeks were a blur of friends at the NUTELLA PARTY, playing outside, and truly enjoying time together.  In fact, we celebrated our sons sixth birthday and had a great fun.  I didn’t spend money for a place and instead set up old school relay races.   Sack races (as seen below of the birthday boy jumping across the finish line), Egg on a spoon, tug of war, and balloon races. (The balloon race required each kid to run from the starting line, race to a chair and try to pop the balloon by sitting on it and run back)

Sack races at the birthday party

These races turned out to be a hit.  They were a lot of work for me to set up but WELL WORTH the effort!  The birthday party was a success and everyone had fun!

All this excitement began to slow down until yesterday.  My 3 1/2 year old decided that jumping off the top bunk was a good idea.  He discovered, as soon as he hit the ground, that it was a BAD idea.   He broke is arm right in two!!!

broken right arm

Another trip to the ER in the SAME month!  Four and a half hours, a billion x-rays, and a little boy in a huge splint, we finally made it home.

I am venting a bit today and I am sorry!  I don’t think I am prepared for the monthly ER visits!  I was ready for sunshine and happiness this month.  I was not ready to see the same nurses and doctors within weeks of each other!  

I am REALLY praying that April will be less eventful and less costly!  Momma can’t handle too much more!!