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Trivia giveaways!

Have suitcase will travel.  Becoming Homegrown is going out of town.

I will be traveling this weekend and I have decided to make my travels fun for everyone!  I am going to be hosting a series of giveaways through Facebook and Twitter.  I will post a trivia questions concerning where I am, what I am doing etc and the first person to answer correctly will win a hat from my store valued up to 15 dollars.  This is a great opportunity to win a free hat for the upcoming fall/winter season!

So – If you have not joined the Becoming Homegrown Facebook Fan page now is the time to do it!  Following me on twitter will be beneficial as well!

Here are the links



Now – There may be a surprise giveaway for my other business so I strongly encourage you to keep an eye out on the Mama Got Game website AND my Twitter account!  Following both may prove to be helpful!

Check out the ETSY store to see the goods!