It’s my SITS DAY!!!

Holy SITS!!!  It’s my day!!! I am so excited!  Hello to one and all and welcome to my little blog! 

If you don’t know what SITS is and you have not experienced the awesome and supportive community that they have created then PLEASE click  HERE

As you meander through my posts (or not) you will find that this blog is primarily devoted to the learning process of Becoming Homegrown.  I have had a waged war against my Sewing Machine, I will not be defeated!  I am not a good cook and I am always aspiring to make wonderful dishes and instead I create the Mac and Cheese of doom which was so bad that my dog wouldn’t touch it.  However through all this I have had successes, two great boys, a garden that actually produces food  you can eat, and a couple of other things.
I blog about my failures and successes and how I work through it all…Oh and I am always blog hunting for others to teach me more!

 I’m not big on pictures of myself so I will give you one of Stevey and Petey, my Garden Gnomes…
Happy Reading and Thank you!!!!

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